Top Chair Manufacturing Companies and Suppliers in China

The furniture industry in China has seen significant growth over the years, with many companies specializing in various types of furniture, from sofas to chairs and tables. Here’s a closer look at some of the top chair manufacturing companies and suppliers in China:

  1. Bingwei Companies
    • About: Bingwei Companies is a renowned name in the furniture industry. Their dedication to quality and innovation has set them apart in the market.
    • Website: Bingwei Companies
  2. Shandong Pufeng Household Technology Co.,Ltd
    • About: Established in 2006, this company specializes in producing and exporting high-quality recliner sofa sets, chairs, sofas, sofa beds, and ottomans. They pride themselves on the quality of their products, ensuring each item undergoes a thorough inspection. Their main export destinations include Europe, Australia, and the USA.
    • Website: Shandong Pufeng Household Technology Co.,Ltd
  3. Wanhao Industry
    • About: A well-known name in the furniture industry, Wanhao Industry, established in 2008, specializes in steel and MDF furniture. Their product range includes tables, carts, bookshelves, cabinets, and chairs. The company is located in Zhangzhou city.
    • Website: Wanhao Industry
  4. LangFang Romance Furniture Co., Ltd
    • About: This company specializes in producing a variety of glass and metal furniture, including dining tables, coffee tables, dining chairs, metal beds, rattan sets, and TV stands. Located in Bazhou City, Hebei Province, they are strategically positioned between Beijing and Tianjin city, with easy access to several railways and expressways.
    • Website: LangFang Romance Furniture Co., Ltd
  5. Ningbo Haishu Mango Export and Import Co., LTD
    • About: Founded in 2011, this company focuses on supplying high-quality outdoor products. Their product range includes hiking sticks, Nordic walking sticks, ski poles, and aluminum folding furniture.
    • Website: Ningbo Haishu Mango Export and Import Co., LTD
  6. Jiangxi Xiao Fang Furniture Co., Ltd.
    • About: Established in 2008, they design and manufacture custom furniture tailored for hotels, restaurants, indoor suites, and other establishments. They also offer product design services, ensuring each piece is unique and meets the client’s requirements.
    • Website: Jiangxi Xiao Fang Furniture Co., Ltd.

China’s furniture industry is diverse and vast, with companies specializing in various niches. Whether you’re looking for indoor furniture, outdoor products, or custom designs, these top manufacturers and suppliers in China offer a wide range of high-quality products to meet your needs.

FAQ: Importing Chairs from China’s Top Furniture Companies

1. Why should I consider importing chairs from China?
China is home to some of the world’s leading furniture manufacturers, offering a diverse range of high-quality products at competitive prices. The companies listed above have a proven track record of delivering top-notch chairs and other furniture items to global markets.

2. Are the chairs from these companies of good quality?
Yes, these companies emphasize quality and innovation. For instance, Shandong Pufeng Household Technology Co.,Ltd ensures each product undergoes a thorough inspection, resulting in very few complaints from customers.

3. Can I order custom designs from these companies?
Yes, many of these companies, like Jiangxi Xiao Fang Furniture Co., Ltd., offer custom design services, ensuring each piece meets the client’s unique requirements.

4. What types of chairs do these companies manufacture?
The range is vast, from recliner sofa sets, dining chairs, metal beds, and ottomans to outdoor furniture like aluminum folding chairs.

5. Do these companies have experience exporting to my country?
Most of these companies have extensive experience exporting to various countries, including Europe, Australia, and the USA. It’s always a good idea to check with the individual company about their experience with your specific country.

6. How do I ensure the quality of the products when importing?
You can request samples before placing a bulk order. Additionally, these companies often have quality control processes in place. Some buyers also opt to hire third-party inspection services to check the products before shipment.

7. Are there minimum order quantities (MOQ) when ordering from these companies?
MOQs vary from company to company. It’s best to contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about their specific MOQs.

8. How do these companies handle shipping and logistics?
Many of these companies offer assistance with shipping and logistics. They might have partnerships with freight forwarders or offer logistical support as part of their services.

9. Can I visit these companies’ factories before placing an order?
Yes, most of these companies welcome potential buyers to visit their production facilities. It’s a great way to understand their manufacturing process and ensure product quality.

10. Are there any trade fairs or exhibitions where I can meet these manufacturers?
China hosts several furniture trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the year. It’s a good idea to check the specific company’s website or contact them directly to know if they’ll be participating in any upcoming events.

11. How do I start the process of importing chairs from these companies?
Begin by visiting the company’s website and reaching out to their sales or export department. They will guide you through the process, from selecting products to finalizing shipping details.


Importing chairs from China can be a lucrative venture due to the high quality and competitive prices offered by these top manufacturers. By doing thorough research and establishing clear communication with the suppliers, buyers can ensure a smooth importing process.


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