Step 1: Install and activate GetGenie AI

The first step is to install an AI content writer tool named “GetGenie AI”. This Ai content writer provides a blog wizard using which you can generate a complete post in a few moments like magic. Click the button below to download GetGenie AI.

Download GetGenie AI

Note: If you need help installing and activating GetGenie AI, then check this documentation.

Step 2: Create a new blog post & navigate to blog wizard

Go to Dashboard ⇒ Posts then click on Add New to create a new blog post.

add new post in wordpress to write a article using AI blog post writer

Now, click on the Write For Me button. Then click on the Blog Wizard template.

how to write a blog post using ai blog post writer getgenie blog wizard the blog writing ai

Step 3: Do keyword Analysis and generate a title

Now let’s use the Keyword Analyzer feature of getgenie to do keyword research for the blog. Before you can do keyword analysis, provide the following inputs:

  • Keyword: Provide the keyword you want to use
  • Context: Here you can provide the context of the blog you plan to write. 

Now turn on the SEO mode and from the drop-down choose the country. Then click on Keyword Analyzer.

click on keyword analyzer

Now you will see an extended tab with the information related to the keyword you provided. You will get to know the Search Volume, Competition, and CPC of the given keyword. Besides, you will also get to know the search volume for Last Month, the Average of the last 12 months, Highest and Lowest values.

Below that you will find the Search Volume trends and Google trends for the keyword.

keyword analysis for the given keyword Search volumne Google trends

Now if you scroll down a little, you will find many related keywords of your given keywords with their CPC and search volume.

related keyword generated by GetGenie AI to write a blog post

Note: At this point, you can choose to replace the keyword you provided with any of the keywords from the related keyword list if you wish to. 

Now choose the Creativity Level (out of 5) and Set Result Limit (out of 10). The creativity level will decide how creative the results will be and the Set Result Limit will determine the number of results that will be generated. After providing the inputs, click on “Generate Title”.

generate title to write a blog post using AI content writer

Once the titles are generated click on the title you like to choose and then click on Next.

Note: It’s recommended to go to the Competitor Tab and click on Fetch Data for the competitor analysis at this point as it may take a few moments.

choose title and click on next to write a blog post using AI writer

Step 4: Generate an engaging intro

Now you will see the title you choose is already added in the title box. You can modify the title if you want, choose a Creativity Level, determine the Set Result Count, then click on Generate Intro to produce the intro options.

generate intro by getgenie ai

To choose any of the intros just click on it. Then click on the Next button to go to the next step.

choose intro and click next to write a article using a AI Blog Post Writer

Step 5: Do competitor analysis and create a proper outline with GetGenie AI

Now you should see that both the intro and title have been added. All you need to do is provide Creativity Level and Set Result Count. And, then click on “GENERATE OUTLINE to produce an outline”.

Note: You can modify both title and intro before hitting the Generate Outline button and the changes will be reflected on the outline.

generate outline using AI Blog Post Writer getgenie ai

Once the outlines are generated, you can select as many options from each of them to create your custom outline or choose one whole outline from the prepared ones. You can also do both. 

Select the check box located by the side of each outline to choose, and to choose a complete outline prepared as it is click on “SELECT ALL”.

For this blog, I am going to choose a single option from the first outline generated and then all the options from the second one.

choose outlines single or whole prepared by AI blgo post writer GetGenie AI

Note: You can add outlines from your competitor’s outline as well. To do so, click on the More Details option, then click on the check box of any of the headings to add one. You can add a heading to your outline from all the competitor information provided by GetGenie AI.

add compititors outline feteched by GetGenie AI

In addition, you can also manually add a new heading to your outline, for that click on the Add Outline button in the bottom-right corner. Once a new tab opens, write down your heading and click enter to add to your outline.

Now if you feel like adding or deleting the headings you added to your outline, you can do that as well. To edit/delete any of the outlines click on the three dots and choose the action you want to take.

add new outline and click on insert using GetGenie AI

Note: To change the order of the outlines, just click on it to select then drag and drop to alter the order.

Finally, click on Insert to add your blog title, intro, and outline to the blog post.

insert outline prepared by GetGenie AI

Step 6: Add a relevant description to each heading

Now that you have your outline ready, all you need is content for each heading to complete the blog. To generate content for the heading you need to

  • Select the outline/heading
  • click on the GetGenie AI icon
  • then click on Expand Outline

A relevant description of the heading will be prepared within a few moments like the one shown below:

expand a single outline using AI blog post wruter GetGenie AI

You can repeat the steps mentioned above to generate content for all your heading.

Step 7: Polish your blog content

Now you have a blog that is machine-generated. Therefore, there is a chance you may want to tweak a few things. You can easily change any paragraph to replace it with a new one or add a new paragraph to an already existing paragraph with GetGenie AI.

To rewrite a section using GetGenie AI, you need to 

  • Select the whole paragraph
  • click on the GetGenie AI icon
  • then click on Content Rewrite
rewrite content using AI blgo post writer GetGenie AI

Note: To learn more about how to use the paragraph rewrite template GetGenie AI, check the documentation.

Now if you want to add additional content to a paragraph you need to

  • Put the text cursor on the location you want to add new content
  • click on the GetGenie AI icon
  • then click on Continue Writing
continue writing using best blog writing ai - GetGenie AI

Now you should have a new section added. Use these two methods to customize and polish your content. 

Step 8: Optimize blog for Search Engines

Last but not least- optimizing your blog post for Search Engines is one step that you can not afford to ignore because ranking on the SERP to get traffic to your blog is the ultimate goal.

GetGenie helps you to SEO-optimize your blogs as well. Well, for that also GetGenie AI provides an SEO score (out of 100). Not only score, but once you click on the score (on top), you will also find recommendations for :

  • Number of words you should use
  • How many headings should you use
  • Number of paragraphs you should add to your blogs
  • And the number of images your blog should have 
SEO score generated by AI blog writing assitant GetGenie AI - best blog writing ai

To find more details, click on show analysis. Here you will find

  • Problems: Here you will find the list of problems you need to fix to increase your SEO score.
  • Results: A list of things done correctly to optimize your blog post.
  • Improvements: Here you will find suggestions that you can apply to make your blog more optimized for the search engines.
SEO analysis generated by GetGenie AI

Note: Along with the suggestions made by GetGenie AI, you should also keep in mind other SEO checklists like adding inbound and outbound links, providing alt text to your images, etc. For more details on how to structure a blog post that ranks click here.

If you optimize your blog according to the recommendations by GetGenie AI, you will get a good SEO score and will be on your way to rank on the SERP.

That’s it, once you are done optimizing your blog you can publish it. Here is a preview of the blog I generated:

How to write a blog post using AI blog writer getegenie AI - best blog writing ai

A little bit more about GetGenie AI: The best AI blog writer

Now you must have realized, that there is a blog writing AI that you can trust and that is GetGenie AI.

GetGenie AI is undoubtedly the best AI blog writer available in the market because it offers all the options you need to come up with an engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly blog.

And the impressive fact is this WordPress AI content writing plugin actually does the work of 10+ AI tools Writesonic, WriterZen, Frase,, etc. by itself!

On top of being a fantastic AI blog post writer, this amazing tool provides 20+ other writing templates that you can use to generate any sorts of marketing content you possibly need to grow your content marketing strategy.

Some of the templates that GetGenie AI offer includes:

  • Landing Page Copies
  • Product Descriptions
  • Headlines/Taglines
  • Social Media Copies
  • Email Copies,
  • Video Scripts
  • and Fictional/Non-Fictional content.